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Musical programs a boon to local community

Year in and out, area students entertain local residents in December with some great musical performances. For those that are able to look at the paper on Wednesday, December 13, Whitehall K-8 students will be performing what should be a wonderful...


Column: Talking Pets

I strongly believe there are two types of pet owners in the world – the ones who make up a voice for their pets and those who don’t. For as long as I can remember, each of my pets have had a unique voice of their own and while this may frighten...


EDITORIAL: Don't miss out on the stroll

This Saturday, the local community will come together for the annual Whitehall Christmas Stroll. This event is an incredible way for local residents of all ages to spend a day with a variety of activities and shopping opportunities. Volunteers have...


Column: An extra $2 for a clue

I have the utmost respect for anyone who works in the fast food industry or waits tables to make a living. I spent a great deal of my younger and skinnier years either flipping a burger or balancing a tray packed with drinks. For the most part,... Full story


Editorial: Shopping local a huge deal during holidays

An editorial cartoon in today's Whitehall Ledger shows some of the frustrations of shopping for the holidays in a larger community. The streets are crowded, the stores are packed, and everyone seems to be in too big of a hurry. Luckily, this isn’t...


Column: Black Friday Blues

The Thanksgiving evening and middle of the night Black Friday sales at big retailers really should just go away. When I woke up Friday morning, I wanted to get a couple hours of work done so I could enjoy some time off, and before I started writing...


Editorial: Time for Council Suspension to End

It’s time for the town and Francine Giono-Janik to come together to do what needs to be done to allow her to return from her suspension from the Whitehall Town Council. Janik was elected to serve the residents of Whitehall and she should be...


Column: Plenty to eat

Growing up I really despised when someone would say "broken home". Sure my parents divorced when I was five, but I felt that term was just dirty and really not necessary. I probably took it more personal than I should have, but my parents surely...


Column: Naughty Winter Drivers

I should probably preface this column by saying these have words have been brewing for awhile, perhaps creating a “storm inside”. The first winter snowstorm of 2017 was a doozy and blanketed Whitehall with over a foot of snow in a little over 24...


Editorial: Harvest Dinner great for the community

This Friday evening the Whitehall LDS Church is hosting their annual Harvest Dinner with proceeds going to the Whitehall Area Food Pantry. Local resident can also bring non-perishable food items that will also be given to the pantry. With a cost of $...


Editorial: Job well done theater, WHS

Every child deserves something nice for Christmas, and a combined effort of the Star Theater and the Whitehall High School will help to ensure this happens locally. The theater is offering free admission to “Walking Out” from November 17 to 19...


Column: The six pound bag of candy

I'll be the first to admit that I really don't care much for Halloween. I rarely dress up, and the only reason I have the past couple of years is to take Shayla trick or treating. A person dressing up elaborately does not bother me; it is just not my...


Editorial: Donations needed during the holiday season

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those who are less fortunate during the holiday season in the Whitehall area. A profound help to those in need would be donating money through a Town Pump...


Column: When the phone rings I cringe

Despite the fact the volume is turned down as low as it can go, when the phone rings at the office it sounds like the town siren is going off about five feet from me. I should really invest in a new phone because it honestly does startle me and I cri...


Editorial: Trojan football shows the power of 11

In my three seasons covering the Whitehall/Harrison High School football team there have been plenty of wins by the Trojans, perhaps none bigger than a heart stopping 19-14 win Friday night over Manhattan. In a game with the conference title on the...


Column: Thank a teacher

As is the case with many small community newspapers, my job involves a lot of time at the local schools for activities and sports. While I have been out of school quite some time, every time I visit I always admire just how hard students, staff,...


Editorial: Huge crowd needed Friday night

It doesn’t matter if you drive, walk, arrive via horseback or hang glider – just make sure to be at Trojans Field Friday night for one of the biggest regular season games in Whitehall/Harrison High School football history. The Trojans will not... Full story


Column: Rest area blues

Everyone who has ever been on a road trip is surely to have stopped at one of numerous and often times convenient state operated rest areas. They are a great way to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, sleep for a few hours, or let the family pet... Full story


Editorial: Work begins on 2018 phone book

Early in 2018, the Ledger will be publishing the annual Whitehall Area Phone Book. The staff at the paper has currently started work on the edition and is using this editorial to remind residents and businesses about the publication. While a phone...


Column: Old Friends

A few weeks ago, I was able to reconnect with one of my best friends from high school. It had been years since I had talked to him and it was a great feeling to chat with him and relive some crazy stories from the past, some I had forgotten, and... Full story

 By Jim Zachary    Opinion    October 4, 2017

Editorial -- Your local newspaper: The real deal

While no one should ever say “I know it’s real because I saw it on the internet,” everyone should be able to say, “I know it’s real. I read it in the newspaper.” Real newspapers reporting real news have never been more important or more... Full story


The bee in my sweatshirt

It was business as usual last Wednesday at the Whitehall Ledger office. While Melissa is making the weekly jaunt to Anaconda to pickup the paper, I stay put and get the website updated, as well as a variety of other tasks to get ready for the next ed... Full story


Editorial: Let's paint the town Purple and Gold

Whitehall High School is only one week away from one of the most exciting times of the school year. The annual Homecoming Week festivities will take place from October 2 to 6. It will be a fun week for both students and local residents with a... Full story


Column: Working from home is not easy when a kitten makes things difficult

One great thing about my job is that I can do it from just about anywhere if need be. While I often times will bring my computer home on the weekend, I've worked at home a few times during the week as well as a couple times while I was visiting famil... Full story


Editorial: Bleachers are great upgrade at high school

After two away games to start the 2017 season, the Whitehall/Harrison High School football team was able to open their home season earlier this month against Red Lodge. While the game had the importance of the home fans getting their first chance to... Full story


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