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By Jack H. Smith
Ledger Publisher 

EDITORIAL: Improvements to gym a boon to Whitehall


January 10, 2018

Since it was built in the 1990’s, the Varsity Gym at Whitehall High School has served as a large gathering spot for the local community.

Large groups gather throughout the year for sporting events, concerts, and graduation. The gym area is also most likely the place that is visited by more people from out of town over the course of the year. Often times the gym is the only thing people may visit when in town and its appearance is important.

Over the past several weeks, school officials have been working hard to add some character to the gym, and the results are fantastic. (See page 2).

Melissa Jenkins

The gym has always been clean and well taken care of, but some of the added improvements have given it a really personal and welcoming feel. The new wraps and work done on the gym floor look amazing, and I’m sure are already being enjoyed by everyone who has been able to see them.

One of the new wraps includes the WHS Class of 2016 and it is great to look up at not just see a plain wall, but some of the amazing kids who recently graduated.

The Whitehall School Board of Trustees and School Administration should be commended for this work.

It is something the entire community can be proud of.

A big thanks to all those who spent time over the break to work on some of the projects and I cannot wait to see what’s next.



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