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January 18, 2022

FOR HIRE: Parrot Ditch Company 2022 Seasonal Water Commissioner Job Description: The Parrot Ditch Company operates a 26-mile long, irrigation canal in Southwest Montana between Whitehall and Silver Star, Montana. Irrigation season generally lasts between April 1 and October 31. Irrigation water typically serves approximately 50 shareholders. During the irrigation season, a Water Commissioner controls and maintains the canals and ditches with the goal of efficiently delivering water to stockholders. The Commissioner serves the shareholders of the irrigation canal by scheduling water flowrates, delivery times, and durations of use. During irrigation season the Water Commissioner is responsible for checking the canal every day and must be available to regulate the water as needed, on a 24/7 basis. Proper water level(s) must be maintained to serve water users and restrictions such as trees, wooden debris, trash or sediment must be properly removed at all times. Regulation of water may be required during low-water years. Incidental projects including weed spraying, cutting trees/willows, rodent control, etc. may also be required. The successful applicant: - Will attend DNRC Water Commissioner Training in Helena in the Spring of 2022. - Will have a strong work ethic and be able to lift and carry up to 70 pounds. - Must be self-motivated. - Will have a valid driver’s license and furnish reliable, insured vehicle (4wd). - Can operate a chainsaw and small hand-tools. - Will have a strong work-safety ethic. - Must maneuver rough terrain. - Will diplomatically be able to communicate with shareholders, Board Officers, and general public. - Must be able to communicate both written and orally. You will be required to complete (and turn in monthly) a detailed Daily Log of miles and activities and keep a water log journal that will be provided by the Ditch Company. You must provide your own insured vehicle (4wd) and fuel. The Ditch Company will provide most small hand-tools you will require. Salary DOE. Applications must be received by March 8, 2022. To receive a job application, please contact (406)490-1966 or email

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Ad ID: 281   |    Posted: 12/14/2021

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