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Residents show support for local law enforcement


August 30, 2017

Charles Shank

Area residents show support for law enforcement at a "Back the Blue" event last week in Whitehall.

Area residents came together last week to show support for local law enforcement at a "Back the Blue" event at Legion Park in Downtown Whitehall.

Among those in attendance at the Wednesday event was Charles Shank, who discussed his respect for and what the local law enforcement means to him. He said some laws really need to be enforced because certain elements of society don't seem to care about others.

Whitehall resident Jeannie Reinschmidt said she left the event very happy and pleased with the local residents who both organized and attended the event. She said with all the things going on in the world it is important to tell the people who protect us that they are important.

"We need to support our police," Reinschmidt said.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Chad Cross was on hand at the event and stressed the growing importance of law enforcement, not only in Whitehall, but in society as large.

Cross talked about the need to adapt as well, referencing the growing need for enforcement of laws.


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