By Jack H. Smith
Ledger Publisher 

Editorial: Be careful around schools


September 6, 2017

Every weekday while I’m at the office, my desk will shake because a semi truck is going too fast down Legion Avenue. I certainly understand the importance of transportation by truck, and that the main street of town is on a highway, but that doesn’t mean they cannot abide by the same rules as everyone else. I welcome anyone who thinks that I might be exaggerating to come sit and my desk for about 15 minutes and try to type or read the screen while my entire desk shakes. There is no reason to be going that fast through a town, especially a location where people are always crossing the street to get to businesses.

Speaking of slowing down, school officially started last Wednesday, and with this kids will be walking to and from school, often times crossing the street. This is once again the time of year to remember the speed limits near the schools, as well as looking out for kids in the morning and afternoon.

If people just slow it down and keep an eye out for kids and crossing guards, it will be a safe year for students.

It is also very important to remember that one moment of distraction on the phone can have devastating consequences.

The Ledger had a letter to the editor in May where a resident was concerned with the way people were driving last school year on Whitehall Street near the crosswalk going to the school. This is yet another place to be mindful of kids walking to and from school.

The start of the school year is such an amazing time for students, and some of the younger ones who are walking may get a little excited or not really know proper etiquette on how to cross the street, so it is super important to keep an extra eye out the first few weeks. The same can be said with the drop in speed near the Cardwell School.

Here’s to a safe school year for all the students in both Whitehall and Cardwell.


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