By Jack H. Smith
Whitehall Ledger 

COLUMN: It's Over


November 14, 2018

I think it's probably safe to say I'm one of many that are excited the 2018 General election is done.

For the past several months it has been darn near impossible to sit and watch a football game or one of my favorite shows without at least three or four commercials during each break ruining what should be a relaxing time. The federal races were so bad that there would be a commercial by one candidate followed by a commercial from another. The next break would be chalk full of commercials from PAC groups and they were also over the top and to the point they were nauseating. At one point I wished that there was a way both candidates could lose.

Things were even worse on social media. I like many, spend far too much time on social media and things get darn right ugly during election time.

I try and use my social media as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family, but that was awfully hard to do with all the political filth dominating my news feed on a daily basis.

I'm all about having an opinion that makes this Country a great place to live. While there are certainly a high percentage of people that keep things civil, there are people who ruin it for anyone whose opinion differs.

In the past couple years, friends and family members have grown apart all because they do not see eye to on eye on politics. This is stupid. I've literally read posts where people ask to be deleted as a friend if someone doesn't agree with them, or will delete someone because of their political affiliation.

This nonsense has to stop. At the end of the day, we are all Americans and should celebrate all the wonderful things about this Country.

I remember a day and age where people might get into a political debate at Thanksgiving dinner and things might get a little bit heated. By the time the turkey was served, everyone was back to getting a long and all was right with the world. Social media has ruined this.

It's bad enough there is so much fake news being disseminated online, what's even worse is a lot of people believe it. It is kind of hard to have a spirited debate when someone doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.

If I had a dollar for every time my mom said "to each their own", I'd be filthy rich, but she was always correct. It's time to start respecting the fact that people may have a different opinion, and that is perfectly okay. Our political system wouldn't work if people agreed about everything all the time.

Personally, I tend not to share my political views with the rest of the world, but have no problem with someone that does, as long as they aren't a maniac about it and choose to belittle someone else.

People have become so mean to each other and that is a sad state of affairs.

In this day and age, it would be incredible if social media could be used for what it was intended for – a way to connect people, not tear them apart.

The only positive I saw from the election is that it is over and I can start reading more about whose child just had or birthday, who went on an awesome cruise, or is going to quit there job to go hike in the Appalachian Mountains in a quest to find themselves.

Jack H. Smith


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