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November 28, 2018

When God said to give thanks in everything, the Thanksgiving Dinner at the school was a easy one! Between the students, teachers, staff and parents, the meal was prepared and served. Was it ever good! It's such a great time to visit with neighbors. Favors made to look like teacups, were made by the 5th and 6th graders. (see attached photo) Students were circulating among the guests, offering to bring drinks or other needs. I might add here, if you are over 60, live in Cardwell or have a connection, and didn't get an invitation, let someone at the school know. Call 287-3321 or send your information to 80 Hwy 359, Cardwell, 59721.

The Jr. High first quarter Honor Roll has been announced. Levi Whitehurst, Samantha Clay, Shawn Huss, Wesley Biggers, Nakoah Falcon, Mason Armstrong, Andreas Heimberg, Blake Armstrong are the honorees.

The Cougars are on the road this week. November 29th at 4pm they will be in Harrison and then on Saturday, December 1, 2018, they will be participating in the West Yellowstone Tournament. Nakoah Falcon should be back on the team after resting his hip.

Before the school was dismissed for the Thanksgiving holiday, Miss Montana paid the students a visit. It was brief, but a memorable experience for a rural school.

Greg and Tracie Rich and their family, Megan, Ryan, Kyle and Tyler, have returned to their Cardwell home from their work in Island Park, Idaho. They keep a full schedule in both areas.

Megan (Muffy) Carey Bullock turned 50 and her husband, Buster, planned a little surprise for her. Their two sons, stopped and picked up Grandma Helen and Grandpa Tom Carey to escort them to the Land of Magic restaurant in Logan, Montana. When Buster and Megan arrived, there were the boys and Tom and Helen. Waiting in side were other family members to celebrate with them. A little trivia - Megan is 50, Helen, 80 and on December 9th, Tom will be 90! That adds up to 220 years! Congratulations to each of them!

Don't forget the Bake Sale going on next week at the Rocky Mountain Bank to support LoveInc. It will be a good time to pick up something for the freezer for the Christmas celebrations.

Cardwell fifth and sixth graders made party favors look like tea cups.


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