Dear Editor: Letter for a Horseman


April 14, 2021

Dear Editor,

This is from a horseman: I am really glad to see fourty-four farms in Texas have partnered with Walmart to procure Angus based cattle for Walmart to process and package their own line of meat in their black plastic tray. So they don’t have to rely on four major packing houses - some issues in the beef business are self inflicted. And some are totally not fair. But consumers get to vote on whether they like beef every single day. Cattlemen should jump in and try to figure out how to cooperate with the complete supply chain in order to get the full value for their calves. A lot of small cattlemen and horsemen depended on availability of hay to survive hard times. I would like to thank Smith Supply for keeping small bales available and not selling out.

Robert Lack

Whitehall, Montana


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