Connecting Point: A Confused Generation


Imagine yourself for a moment as an outdoor enthusiast, on the first leg of a five-day backpack journey. You are loaded with supplies, map and compass in hand. You have charted your course and plan to be at your destination by Day Two. At first, you thoroughly enjoy the fresh mountain air, animal life, and serenity. But, as the sunlight fades on Day Two, something is off, concern sets in, the landscape doesn’t match your research. You’re lost.

After a sleepless night the joy of your experience turns quickly to dread, so you do your best and follow the flow of the streams, hoping to escape the deep backwoods. Another two days and nights pass by slowly. Fear overwhelms you. On Day Five you catch the smell of a campfire. You cut through the woods, and headlong you stumble into a public camp. You meet a ranger and express how delighted you are to see someone. After hearing you explain your ordeal, the gentleman asks if you have a compass.

Pointing to it, you explain, “I just purchased this.” After careful examination he says, “Oh, I see the problem. Your compass is inaccurate. True north is off completely, no wonder you got lost.”

Can the moral compass of a society be inaccurate? If standards of truth are inconsistent, it is highly probable that an entire generation can lose its bearing. Sexual confusion is one of the most prominently discussed matters of our day. As Christians we cannot ignore this issue. The Bible provides us with truthful teachings on sexual identity. A few decades ago many of our churches failed by not addressing the sexual revolution. Pastors and parents seldom discussed “sex.” However, our approach to it can be hopeful, truthful, and graceful.

First, as our society is trying to redefine gender by canceling long standing science, biology, and facts, be aware the confusion will continue. Reason ignored, truth will be redefined. In a few short years, we will be encountering all kinds of problems stemming from the distortion of truth. Let me be clear: while some might judge I am purporting hate speech, understand it is not hateful to warn someone of the dangers that go outside of God’s design for sex. My intent is actually built on love.

Second, the Bible explains to us that humankind, in its pursuit of sexual gratification, has “exchanged the truth of God for a lie,” (Romans 1:25). God allows us to make choices, good or bad. He loves us that much. A phrase we hear repeated is, “I was born gay.” Biblically we understand that the truth is: “We are all born sinful.” Sexual behavior is a choice.

Third, life in Christ is transformative. Paul in 1 Corinthians 6 speaks candidly about inheriting the Kingdom of God, he then lists actions that put one in jeopardy. Most importantly, he provides a hopeful message “And that is what some of you were,” (verse 11). Past sexual sin doesn’t need to rule one’s life. Hope is found at the crossroads of grace and truth, something we’ve all needed.


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