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By Jo 

Dear Jo: 5/19/2021


Dear Jo,

I recently became a grandmother for the first time. My daughter-in-law does not believe in circumcision. I have known many men who have suffered later in life because they were not circumcised. Can I step in and let them know how strongly I feel about my grandson’s future health?!


Concerned Grammy

Dear Grammy,

To circumcise or not to circumcise is, well... not your decision. It is the decision of your beautiful grandson’s parents. It may be time to take a step back and let the scalpel fall, or not fall, where it may.

Signed, Jo


Dear Jo,

I have a problem, obviously why I am writing to you. I am over 50, single, and want to date again. How do I even start to prepare for the dating scene? I wear “granny panties,” my legs are like Sasquatch and my nails haven’t been done for a coons age! Where to begin? I am scared of what a man might say if he saw the “real” me.


Old and hairy

Dear Hairy,

Get off the couch and start shaving! Not just your legs either! Get in those areas and get to work girl, or not! If a man does not enjoy you for yourself, is he worth it?! Part of doing all those things we do to look better can also help us feel better. Sit down, make a list of the pros and cons to both the beautifying you think you may need and what you want to feel like to date. You are in the drivers seat!

Signed, Jo


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