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By Kristine Erinn
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Name to a Face: To the Lost Ones


Bob Casagrande was a family friend of the author, whom she had known since her birth. His passing this week hit her hard, but she took the picture at right just a few moments after learning he was gone. That inspired this article.

You never know when true pain will hit you. No, not physical pain; I mean the type of pain which is harder to heal from. After a challenging year, no one expected to get hit with something this hard to deal with. In this type of situation, you grasp desperately for miracles, for prayers, for good vibes, for good wishes, any sign that things will be alright.

After exhausting every bit of desperation you have, the genuine sorrow kicks in, and you lose some part of yourself that you thought you could never lose. Then you get angry because you question "How could this happen? How could everything that can be Holy let this happen?" Then come the tears and increased sadness.

It's hard in these times of grief to do much of anything but smile and say you're as fine as you can be. It's not that you aren't fine because, in a way, you are. You have come to terms with the fact that they are gone and will still love you from above. But, on the other hand, you are still grieving slowly. It is too soon to let them go. Then you get a sign.

The clouds have always been a telling sign to the world. If there is a storm coming, they will show you. Today was a special day. A special soul had parted from its mortal coil. The world seemed dark and muggy. The clouds threatened more rain or possible misting. The family had been grieving the loss of a good man. One such member was away from the rest, suffering in her own way, only knowing that had she been there, a piece of her soul would have gone with him. She had been looking to the skies as she was driving home. Everything seemed so bleak until she looked to where his house lay off in the valley. She had not seen many signs from the All-Mighty; after all, she was no prophet. But there before her, she saw above his house that the clouds had parted, creating a perfect circle. The clouds gently touched with yellow and white from the sun light, gave him a straight shot to heaven. Not too far away from the perfect ring was a beautiful rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet all showing in vibrancy. It was an amazing sign that Heaven took him into their arms. He is up there now, no longer in pain. It might not have been his time to go, at least not to us, but Heaven was ready to accept him.

All she can see now is that he is up in the clouds, friends, and family by his side as he sends love and the ability to heal to all those he has left behind.

He is with us still in spirit.


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