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2023 Christmas Interviews: Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten


LEDGER: Have you ever been to the North Pole?


L: Do you know the temperature there?

M: (thinks hard) No?

L: Is there someone special who lives in the North Pole?

M: (lights up) Santa!

L: Aww Santa! What does Santa do?

M: He gets presents for me!

L: How does he know to bring you presents? How does he know if you've been good?

M: (long pause) Cuz he.....he...I think he makes a prediction.

L: How does Santa get to your house?

M: He flies! (flaps her arms)

L: Oh! Santa has wings?

M: (put her arms down) No! He flies in his sleigh!

L: I didn't know sleighs could fly either....


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