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Articles from the November 3, 2021 edition

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  • Trojans Off to Round Two of Playoffs; Biggest Trojan Fan Contest Announced

    ELIZABETH PULLMAN, Whitehall Ledger|Nov 3, 2021

    The Whitehall Trojan football team brought the heat to the first round of playoffs against Malta on Saturday, October 30. The Trojans had a slow first quarter, ending with zero points to Malta's 8, but put the pedal to the metal in the second and third quarters. Final score was 34-22 Trojans. Miles Hoerauf threw for 296 yards, had 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. He also rushed for 239 yards and 3 touchdowns. Parker Wagner had 3 catches for 130 yards and a touchdown. Brendan Wagner had 8...

  • Screams Brings in Over 1200 People

    ELIZABETH PULLMAN, Whitehall Ledger|Nov 3, 2021

    Screams Come True Haunted House and Hay Maze brought in over 1200 people to the Whitehall area over the course of its two weekend run. When the idea originated after Halloween in 2018, creator Liz Pullman thought the house would be successful if it brought in 100 people a night. The haunt, just closing out its third season, has exceeded all expectations. In 2021, the furthest attendees documented were from Conrad, Polson, Roundup, Shelby, Hamilton, and Boise, ID. "We took pictures of every...

  • Dear Editor: Election Laws vs Jim Crowe Laws

    JIM BUTERBAUGH|Nov 3, 2021

    Dear Editor, In last week’s paper, I read with sadness a letter to the editor comparing election laws to Jim Crowe laws. I say sadness because this person has absolutely no idea what the Jim Crowe laws were. She was just parroting a political talking point. A talking point that is a lie and meant to do nothing more than divide the citizens of this country. Montana election laws, new and old, do nothing to stop anybody from voting. Need an ID? You can not do anything without an ID; voting should be the one thing that you have to prove who you a...

  • Dear Editor: Fear, Love and Motivation


    Dear Editor, I would like to lead out with several paragraphs from an article I penned almost 6 years ago. To quote; “What passes for religion today is largely what drives the political engine of this nation! What people believe about a certain thing motivates them to, say, vote for the lesser of two evils, follow a certain party line, or throw their support behind a certain candidate that promises change. In order to preserve their way of life (as they see it), people will attack, with all their fervor, anything that they view as a threat t...

  • Thought Provokers: 11/3/2021

    Nov 3, 2021

    Most, if not all, rubber erasers are never actually finished, people just lose them eventually. Alligators can live up to 100 years, which is why there’s a chance that they will see you later. Ironically, it’s the fear of a shortage of a given product that very often leads to that exact shortage happening. “Idiocracy” is turning into an understated period-piece. If you’re consistently inconsistent, it makes you consistent. There is no five-second-rule in space. Most of us have never been naked outside. T-Rex was closer to iPhones than Steg...

  • Name to a Face: Tom Harrington

    KRISTINE ERINN, Whitehall Ledger|Nov 3, 2021

    Where have you seen Tom Harrington? The real question may be where haven't you seen him? He is behind the scenes of most Veterans and American Legion projects, front and center when it comes to committees and economic development projects, and off to the side watching as Whitehall grows under his and the Jefferson Local Development Corporation's tutelage. Born in Germany to a US military family, Tom spent much of his life traveling with his father's deployments internationally, as well as in...

  • Go Ask Jo: 11/3/2021

    Jo|Nov 3, 2021

    Dear Jo, There are life changing moments in everyone’s life; a moment, an opportunity to do something that could turn their life in a new direction. I have such an opportunity. It will cost me financially, not to mention the stress of a loan, the burden and pressure of taking the opportunity and making it work to my advantage. If I succeed, it will be an amazing boost to my career and life. If it doesn’t, I could spend several years recovering from the investment. I am scared, excited, and stuck. Help!!!! Signed, Golden Opportunity Dear Golden,...

  • Albert Lee Wiersema, 70

    Nov 3, 2021

    Albert Lee Wiersema was born on February 4, 1951, and left us way too soon on Oct 30th, 2021. He grew up on the family vegetable farm where he rather be on the farm then school, therefore he missed more days of school than was allowed and he barely graduated from Grant Park High School in Illinois. Albert married Debra (Cramer) in 1970. The young couple and 3 small daughters moved to Manhattan, Montana to start a new adventure in life, where their son was born and their family was complete....

  • Creating Fiction from History: 11/3/2021

    CHARLES HADDON SHANK, Whitehall Ledger|Nov 3, 2021

    The tornado came, it saw, and it conquered! When the Donner twins were born, the Great Whirlwind which heralded their coming also signaled the course that their lives would forever take. With the meager means at his disposal, Robert Donner prepared his twins for the hard, often rough and tumble life of the early 1900s West. It could well be argued that Butte, Montana, especially in this early era, was even more rough and tumble than most. After his primary means of employment, the Parrot...

  • Donald David Haxby, 81

    Nov 3, 2021

    Donald David Haxby, born on July 25, 1940, went to be with the Lord on October 26, 2021, after a long battle with cancer. He leaves behind his wife Barbara (Bruck) Haxby. They were together for 28 years. Don was the fourth of eleven children and was raised in Whitehall, Montana. After a three-year stint in the Army, he returned to the Whitehall area and logged with his brothers for many years. Even after retirement he always sized up the trees, pointing out to anyone around what tree would be a...

  • Evelyn Joyce Shaw Zillmer, 85

    Nov 3, 2021

    Evelyn Joyce Shaw Zillmer, 85, died April 28, 2021, at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center in Libby. She was born July 17, 1935, in Madison County to Gerald and Leudema Shaw. She attended grade school in Cardwell, Montana and graduated from Whitehall High School in 1953 with a class of 26 students. She played in the school band, was in FHA and was involved with the 4-H Club. Evelyn married Rolf Franz Ernst Zillmer on Jan. 14, 1961, in Los Angeles. She worked as a secretary for a financial company in...

  • Joseph Eugene Edwards, 87

    Nov 3, 2021

    Joseph (Joe) Eugene Edwards passed away surrounded by love on May 25, 2021. A son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend, he will forever be remembered for his kind and selfless heart, devotion to his family, and his hardworking spirit. Joe was born the sixth of eight children on August 2, 1933, Whitehall, MT to Robert Ross and Elsie Lillian (Johnston) Edwards. Raised on a farm in Cardwell, MT and graduating from Whitehall High in 1951, he was a Montana boy through...

  • Between the Stacks: 11/3/2021

    JEANNIE FERRIS, Whitehall Community Library|Nov 3, 2021

    After months of practice, the 2nd and 3rd graders from the 21st Century program are ready to perform their stories for Reader’s Theater. This program will be held at the library on November 4th at 3:45PM, and is open to everyone. The students have been working with library staff to make masks, learn their lines, and practicing their reading to create this terrific show! Please come join us as they share their hard work with everyone. The library will begin open craft classes on November 9th as we finish up with the afterschool program. These c...

  • Connecting Point: The High Mark

    Bill Lanes|Nov 3, 2021

    There are many character traits we can aim for in life. Some happen to be wholesome, while others tend to be unhealthy. One virtue that stands above so many others is faithfulness. A person whose character is marked by faithfulness in multiple areas of life traditionally is deeply admired. Therefore, each of us can strive for such a high mark, like an Olympian pole vaulter continually aiming for higher goals. I believe most people wish to be a better person. Still, biblically speaking, the goal of being a “good” person is misguided. Good is...

  • Whitehall MS/High Principal Check-in

    MELISSA ROBBINS, WHS WMS Principal|Nov 3, 2021

    Quarter 1 is in the books for the school year of 21-22. The first few months of school are always exciting with sports, academics, and welcoming the students back. We are enjoying the full hallways and classrooms. Our focus this fall has been working as a school community, getting students involved, and providing as many opportunities as possible for our students and staff. The year kicked off with the 6th-grade orientation and assemblies; student leadership has been key this fall. Our after-sch...

  • Pool Shark Report: Week of 10/28/2021

    Nov 3, 2021

    Week of 10-28-2021 TEAM K Bar #1: 11 wins, 6 losses K Bar #2: 11 wins, 6 losses Mint #4: 11 wins, 6 losses MEN Ken Breining: 4 wins, no loss Mark Griffith: 4 wins, no loss Rick Kelley: 4 wins, no loss Brian LaFond: 4 wins, no loss Kevin LaFond: 4 wins, no loss WOMEN Deanna Wall: 2 wins, 2 losses...

  • Ledger Looking Back 25 Years: November 5, 1996

    CATHERINE ELLERTON, Whitehall Ledger|Nov 3, 2021

    Paulette Atencio thinks everyone should know how to tell a good story, how to succeed at being self-employed, and how to cook tempting meals. Atencio was in Whitehall last week, visiting the schools and sharing her wisdom with the students. As part of the Helena Presents program, Atencio was in the midst of a six-month tour to schools all over the country. She spends a week in each town, telling stories and teaching teachers how to do the same. Telling a story well involves much more than keeping things in order, Atencio told listeners. A good...

  • Janacaro-Hensleigh Remains Mayor, Whitehall Will Work to Join JVRAD

    Nov 3, 2021

    As of 8AM Wednesday, November 3, 2021 the results of the 2021 election were as follows: MAYOR Mary Janacaro Hensleigh- 151 Kathleen Fike- 59 Start the Process to be included in the Ambulance District? Yes- 181 No- 62... Full story