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By Jack H. Smith
Ledger Publisher 

Editorial: Mill Levy for the greater good


November 2, 2016

In the last several issues of the Whitehall Ledger, there has been information about the Noxious Weed Mill Levy that will be on the ballot November 8. The levy passed in 2012 is set to expire in June of 2017. According to Jefferson County Weed and Mosquito Coordinator Jill Allen, the mill levy would be a continuation of the existing mill to maintain what is currently operating the herbicide cost-share program. She added the other two mills would be for the outreach program, continuing education, information pamphlets, and training.

In the last three papers there have been several letters to the editor from local landowners who strongly recommend passing the levy. In a letter last week, Bob Sims explained about how the mill levy not only helps him with the cost of killing weeds, but also to not have weed seeds blowing over to neighboring fields. After reading letters and listening to people like Sims who are in favor of the mill levy, it really sounds like to would be a benefit to Jefferson County if it were passed in the upcoming election. The ranchers and landowners are speaking out about the positives of this levy, and hopefully the public is listening. Weeds can be a huge burden for landowners and this is a way to help remedy the problem. It’s important to listen to those affected, and those that deal with the problem all the time.

Allen said the tax impact of the election of three mills on a residence with a phase-in value of $50,000 would be about $2.03; $100,000 would be about $4.05 each year; and on a residence of $200,000 would be approximately $8.10. This isn’t asking too much for something that really will help.

Voting in favor of this is for the greater good of Jefferson County.


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