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By Jack H. Smith
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Column: Five Pounds of Turkey


November 16, 2016

With Thanksgiving approaching, I'm eagerly watching the weather forecast to see if I'll be able to make it to my hometown next week.

I haven't been there since spring, so it would be really nice to spend time with my family and close friends. Last year was one of the few Thanksgivings I was not able to make it home, and it was a little bit of a strange feeling. The day is about family, friends, and enjoying what we have in our lives. But it's also about the food, and lots of it.

No matter where I spend Thanksgiving, I always have the same routine despite telling myself I will not fall into old habits.

I start out the day bound and determined not to eat too many finger foods before the meal. The problem is that when I see deviled eggs I can't just have one. They are like Pringles, but worse. I probably eat about two pounds of various foods before the meal, but this doesn't stop me from eating way too much of the main course. It's one of those things where keep eating long after the hunger subsides, I'm just eating because it tastes good.

I tell myself not to eat so much that you make yourself seriously uncomfortable, but there is something about turkey dinner that makes me go bezerk. My stomach will double in size and I will just want to pass out on the couch. I've heard a lot of people say that there is a chemical in turkey that makes people sleepy. I don't know if that is true or not. I think the reason that people get so sleepy might be the fact that they ate enough food for 10. You eat that much food, you are lucky you don't pass out right at the table face down in a pile of mashed potatoes and gravy.

It also never fails that after I am miserable I always think it is a good idea to have a piece of pie about an hour after dinner. There is no self-control.

Despite how much I ate on Thanksgiving, I am super excited to wake up the next day knowing I will be able to eat turkey sandwiches for the next few days.


Some people get really tired of turkey after a few days, but I could eat a turkey sandwich for lunch every day for the next 15 years and do so with a giant smile on my face. I don't need to put it in soup or make a casserole. Two slices of bread, mayonnaise, and a little salt and pepper. I'm good to go.

When all is said and done I probably eat about five to six pounds of turkey. If anyone is sick of turkey after a while, please feel free to bring leftovers to the Ledger office. I will make good use of it.

I hope the snow will hold off a few more weeks and I can make the trip home, but if not, there will be plenty of eating to do here in Whitehall. Followed by me probably having to buy five to six pairs of new pants.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and be sure to eat way too much.


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