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By Leonard Wortman
Jefferson County Commissioner 

County Commission Update


Hi Folks,

At our regular meeting last week we heard a quarterly report from Tom Harrington about our Tax Increment Finance Districts (TIFD).

The North TIFD has seen a huge amount of growth so far this year. There have been several buildings constructed and others are started or planned. The South TIFD is also getting busy.

LGT, the wind developers we have been working with have decided to sell their testing facility in Missoula and move everything to the Sunlight Business Park. Plans are underway for the construction of a 4000 square foot building. The Golden Sunlight Mine has submitted a request for some infrastructure needs over the next few years.

We discussed a loan from the Metal Mines account for the North and the South TIFD’s to supplement funds for new infrastructure.

Lori Ladas from Rocky Mountain Development Council (RMDC) gave a presentation. RMDC provides several different services for Jefferson County. They provide meals for seniors at the centers and through Meals on Wheels. They also have Foster Grandparents programs and Senior Companion programs. It looks like at this time that there will be a Head Start program in Whitehall this fall. That is happening because of all the hard work done by Commissioner Bob Mullen. Without Bob, I doubt that there would be a Head Start program in Whitehall.

We had more discussion about funding for the Rest Area infrastructur at the Boulder interchange. There are several grant and loan possibilities that we are looking at.

FYI: Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Adams in 1796; “This I hope will be the age of experiments in government, and that their basis will be founded in principles of honesty, not of mere force.”


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