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By Jack H. Smith
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Postal thefts reported locally


August 9, 2017

Multiple postal thefts have been reported this summer in Jefferson County. Local residents are encouraged to report anything suspicious.

In the past several weeks, there have been multiple reports of mail thefts in Whitehall and the surrounding area. Between July 24 and 27 alone, there were three reports of postal thefts made to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Jeremy Leder, an inspector for the United State Postal Service, recently offered several tips for residents to deter the theft of mail.

Leder said one of the biggest things not to do is leave mail in a box, especially if someone is expecting something of value like a credit card. He said people could put a hold on their mail and pick it up at the post office if they are expecting something of value. The USPS also recommends a vacation hold on mail for those traveling.

He also encouraged those in rural areas who may have had mail stolen to check with their neighbors to see if they have seen anything suspicious, adding often times people see something but do not report it. Leder said if something doesn't look right around mailboxes to contact the authorities.

Once the USPS is contacted about mail theft, Leder said they will reach out to local authorities and start an investigation.

He said often times when there is a spike in mail theft it is usually just one small group and the USPS will work aggressively to catch them.

Leder added mail theft is a Federal offense with a penalty off up to five years in prison, but Montana and other states can also prosecute offenders.


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