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By Catherine Ellerton
Contributing Writer 

Season of growth at museum


September 13, 2017

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It was another great season at the Jefferson Valley Museum.

The stories held within the walls of the JV Museum were enhanced during the 2017 Season. Most recently a Broad Ax that had helped to build a barn at the 18 Mile in the early 1900s and once again in the 1930s helped to build a barn in Cardwell joined the many artifacts contained within this historic building.

A 1924 Model Ford TT Truck has also been loaned to the museum by Dick Roberts. This joins the collection of the Surrey with the Fringe on Top, the 1907 I.H.C. Model A Autowagon, a 1928 Model A Ford and several buggies and sleighs.

There are almost 9,500 artifacts that have been added to the computerized files, and each and every one has been dutifully photographed and computerized; this is in addition to the many wonderful historical pictures that are also becoming part of the computerized files.

The genealogy files also are being computerized with the goal of being able to offer a family history story to those who come inquiring. The family of Wilson Hong, Jr., was in the area to attend the memorial in honor of his life, and decided to take some time to find out more about the family who lived in this area when the truck farms were active in Whitehall. The Museum archives furnished them some information and pictures.

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The 22nd Season has welcomed visitors from 18 states and the District of Columbia; Sweden, New Zealand and Canada. The museum has opened its doors to youth groups and Sr. Citizens and to the many alumni who come every Frontier Days to renew old acquaintances and share stories of the past. The 2017 Season will close on Friday, Sept. 15th but the volunteers will continue their work and will continue to host those individuals who come in during the winter months and those groups who wish to visit.

This museum is run and maintained by many volunteers, members and donors. During the winter months, the volunteers work on many projects that are on the wish list. That wish list of projects is growing and now contains many larger items that must

be completed to keep the museum in good repair. The Museum Board wishes to thank all those who have so willingly supported the projects and goals and look forward to working together to continue the story of this small western town.


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