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By Jack H. Smith
Ledger Publisher 

EDITORIAL: Country Store continues to give back


January 24, 2018

Each and every year, the Whitehall Country Store does an incredible job giving back to the local community.

In last week’s edition of the Whitehall Ledger there was an article about the Country Store announcing they would be giving five scholarships to local students, and this is another amazing example of their importance to the community. A $5,000 scholarship will be integral to the each of the five students. When going to college every dollar helps, and this is a great opportunity for local students. The Ledger would like to thank the board of directors for making this decision and helping the future of the five students. Investing in local youth is both an admirable and wise decision.

Along with the recent scholarship announcement, the store has a longstanding history of giving, including many donations to the help the Town of Whitehall. Much like it is the case in paying for college, any help smaller towns and communities can get is huge. My first day in Whitehall I attended a Council meeting and the “Ladies of the Country Store” made a huge donation to the Town. It was a great introduction to the town by showing the willingness of others to give back.

There are so many hours put in at the store by volunteers, and thanks for all the hard work you do. You make Whitehall and the surrounding areas a better place to live.

For those who may not have been to the store, consider making a trip to their location at 2-98 D Street in Whitehall. The store is open Friday and Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. and has a wide variety of items.



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