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By Jack H. Smith
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COLUMN: The Masters


April 11, 2018

As a kid, I would often times spend from sunrise to sunset in the summer at the golf course with my dad. I would also spend a great deal of time with him watching golf on television.

I'm not talking about the four major tournaments either, we would watch the LPGA, Senior Tour, Nike Tour and whoever else was playing golf on a screen. I was surprised at a point in time we didn't drive to the course and just start watching people hit balls at the driving range. By the age of 10, I could probably name about 100 professional golfers, and looking back that was just really odd.

These days I don't really watch a lot of golf any more, in fact it's maybe a few hours of one of the Majors and to see how Phil Mickelson is fairing. Perhaps it is because I don't play golf anymore, but I find it watching it on television now really boring and I lose focus really quick. I'm beginning to act like every girlfriend I've ever had that I tried to convince to watch a few hours with me. "This is boring" they would say, and perhaps they were right all along.

This morning I was reading a few articles about the Master's Tournament that is starting as I type this column. One that really caught my attention is that officials at the August, GA based tourney have banned spectators from yelling "Dilly Dilly". Anyone unfamiliar with "Dilly Dilly", it is a popular catchphrase from a Budweiser commercial. If you watch a football or basketball game, you are sure to have seen one and it is a bit amusing to yell in public. I'm sure at any given major sporting event at a place like Buffalo Wild Wings, by the end of the shift the staff wants to jump off a large building because they heard the phrase so many times.

While I certainly understand that golf has always been known as a dignified sport, it's probably time to shake things up. And I'm not sure why the people at the Augusta National Club are so wound up about "Dilly Dilly" anyway, they are the same people that didn't allow an African American member until 1990, and it was 12 years later before they accepted their first women member.

I get the fact that golf an individual sport that requires patience, skills, and a whole lot of etiquette, but I don't think it would be so bad to have a few more people saying "Dilly Dilly".

Anyone who has golfed should know that it is really hard to get off a shot when someone is being loud, but maybe this could add a little excitement to the game. It's certainly not illegal to yell and scream at someone attempting a game winning free throw, or a pitcher trying to get the last out of the World Series, so why not let this happen in golf.

I'm sure the professionals would adapt over time, but until then it could be a lot of fun to see errant shots and a whole lot of dirty looks.


Another problem with watching golf is it takes so long for someone to finish a hole. I wouldn't say that my father or I were great golfers, but we played 72 holes in a day a few times. Now it seems like it takes about six hours for them to play 18. They should have a time limit enforced. Trying to see them finish a hole in three minutes would be incredible television. And once again they are professionals, they can adapt. If this means letting them go crazy with golf carts, this could also make some good entertainment. Also, what is up with all the white pants with white belts? That is just not right.

I'm sure that I will actually sit down and watch the Masters this weekend a little bit and there will be absolutely no nonsense, and certainly no one saying "Dilly Dilly". Would be a whole lot more fun if they did.


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