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Scott Prevost files for trustee position

Whitehall School Board of Trustees Q&A


April 18, 2018

1. Could you please give a little bit about your background and why you chose to run for school board?

I was self-employed as a general contractor in residential construction. I chose to end that business to spend more time with my family. I currently work for Jefferson County. I have a wonderful and supportive wife, Jennifer. I have three boys, Tyler 21, and two who are enrolled in Whitehall School, Colton, grade 7 and Brody, Grade 5. I chose to run for the School Board because I really like the direction this school is going and want to be a part of it.

2. What are the biggest challenges facing our schools and how will you address those?

One of the biggest challenges facing our schools is the cutting back of state funds for education. Keeping the same programs, curriculum, extra-curricular activities and introducing new and much needed ones is very difficult. We need to continue to work together to manage tight budgets and still maintain a proper education for our children. I feel strongly that the people we have in place and the positive direction this district is going, we can continue to do so.

Another challenge, which goes in conjunction with the one previously mentioned is enrollment numbers. We need higher numbers and need to encourage families to enroll their kids in Whitehall Schools. The main way to do this is to continue striving for excellence and maintain academic performance.


3. What do you think the district is doing well?

In the last 4 years Whitehall High Schools ACT scores went from 99th in the state to 6th. Their recently released honor roll had over 100 of around 140 students earning a 3.0 or higher. That's amazing! Our high school principal has been awarded Principal of the Year for the State of Montana! Not only does this show what a great job she is doing, but shows what our School Districts' staff and students K-12, (as a whole) have done.

4. How would you like the district to move forward in the future?

Continue working hard and tackling the challenges in its path, while staying ahead of the curve.


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