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By Jack H. Smith
Ledger Publisher 

Shelter added at fishing pond


Pictured is the new shelter at the PIedmont Pond. Ledger photo by Jack H. Smith

A new addition will be quite the asset to the Piedmont Family Fishing Pond.

Last week an all-concrete picnic shelter was delivered and set up at the site two miles from downtown Whitehall.

According to Joe Dillon and Grant Godbolt of the Jefferson Valley Sportsmen Association, they used money from a Community Pond Grant (from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks), and a donation from the family of Bill Gooch to help pay for the project. Dillon said the cost for the shelter was $12,792 and this does not include the cost of prep work getting the site ready. The JVSA received $2,000 from the family of Gooch who passed away in August of 2017. Godbolt said the association could have never made this project happen without their help. He added Bill was very supportive of projects like the shelter and of things that encouraged kids to be in the outdoors.

Goldbolt was also very appreciative of the donations the association received at their banquet earlier this year, adding the money donated really does help out the local area.

Dillon believes the shelter will help a lot with both a break from wind and adding a shade to the pond. While they have been successful with planting several trees at the area, he said because of the pH level of the soil it has been difficult. The JVSA used MFWP guidelines for the structure that was delivered last Tuesday.

The original idea for the pond came in 1995 and Dillon said it took ten years for it to come to fruition. He said the Golden Sunlight Mine donated the land for their current site.

The two JVSA members said the shelter would also be great for parents giving them a place to watch as their kids fish.


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