By Jack H. Smith
Whitehall Ledger 

Whitehall Council appoints Andersen


February 13, 2019

The Town Council voted Monday to approve the four-year appointment of Steve Andersen as the Whitehall Justice Court Judge.

Mayor Mary Janacaro Hensleigh said she appointed Andersen because he contacted her and showed interest in the job, adding she did not hear from Dean Hildebrand who was elected in November of 2018 as the Jefferson County Justice of the Peace.

Hensleigh told the Council she wanted a smooth transition from Judge Dennis Guilio who had previously served in the position and Andersen has substituted in the role the past five years and is highly qualified for the position.

"That's why I appointed him," she said.

Andersen is currently making $1,000 a month plus mileage for the Judge position and in the next budget cycle he has asked to make as much as the town attorney, $195 an hour, plus mileage.

Town Clerk/Treasurer Summer Fellows said that while Guilio was County JOP, his Whitehall contract had nothing to do with that position, it was instead a contract for the municipality.

The Town of Whitehall also received a generous donation Monday from the Volunteers of the Country Store who donated $20,000 to go to a new garbage truck.

"We just can't thank you enough. Everything you do for this town is so helpful. We couldn't do it without you," Hensleigh said.



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