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By Jack H. Smith
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Column: Christmas in July


November 27, 2019

I was scrolling through social media a few weeks ago and saw a picture of my buddy's kids with Santa. This really struck me as odd considering it was only a few days after Halloween and a bit too early for kids to be making a visit to Mr. K ringle asking him for a Pokémon or whatever it is kids like these days. I guess it's just another example of people trying to make the Christmas season a couple of months affair.

I was actually excited for Halloween to be over for another year. Ever since I had my pillowcase full of candy stolen by a bunch of hoodlums, I have never really garnered much joy from the day and rarely dress up. I certainly understand how much joy Halloween brings kids, but I could live without it. One nice part about Halloween being over is that it is one step closer to being Thanksgiving. This is by far my favorite holiday of the year, so I was disgusted to see that there were already Santa's out and about trying to interfere with Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, this is not anything new. It happens earlier and earlier every year and I'm glad I don't go to a lot of big box stores because I really can't stand hearing Christmas music in November. It doesn't belong in November and neither does decorations. Can we at least wait for Thanksgiving to be over before hearing the same eight songs on a loop? It's almost like they start putting away the Halloween stuff so they can replace it with Christmas items.

I think perhaps one of the reasons I enjoy Thanksgiving more than any other holiday is the simplicity of it. While maybe some families out there put on their best Pilgrim gear, it is not a day where people dress up. It's good to know I don't have to dress up as a Sumo Wrestler to fit in with my friends and family. I also don't have the stress of finding a present for someone.

All I have to do is show up to where the dinner is, oftentimes which is my own living room. Sometimes there is some travel involved, but that is okay because it is worth it to see family and friends. That's what it is all about anyway -- not displays, or music, or waiting in really long lines. If I go somewhere in town, I might have to bring a side dish but that is not a big deal. And if I'm cooking, it is really not that big of a deal because it is one of my favorite meals and it is a present to myself that keeps on giving for three or four days as well as three or four months on my belly.

There are certainly some great meals on other holidays and I always enjoy a nice prime rib on Christmas Day or New Years, but there is something to me that is so special about a Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixings and it certainly beats a pillowcase full of stolen candy.


I'd be completely happy eating that meal every day and am very basic about it. I'm content with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy on everything and a roll. Sometimes I might eat a side dish, but it is not necessary to make me happy.

I've been a few places that have not had turkey and it upset me. I was seriously visibly shaken. I almost felt like the pillowcase had been stolen again and never returned.

Once Thanksgiving is over, I know that I may have to venture into society to see decorations and possibly hear music everywhere, but at least it's not at the start of November which is way too soon. Let's save it for early December and events like the Stroll.

I'm sure in a few years Santa might be making some appearances in August or September and there is not much I can do about it other than know that Thanksgiving is coming.


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