By Jack H. Smith
Whitehall Ledger 

Editorial: Importance of Shopping Local


March 25, 2020

Pictured is the sandwich menu at Pepper Tree. Please be sure to get take out from local resturants.

It is always important for residents of a small town to shop locally and to eat at local restaurants. This is even more important right now.

While dining rooms at restaurants across the area are currently closed, they are still offering take-out and delivery options and people really need to think about supporting them as much as they can during this time. Having a dining room closed is such a big deal for a small-town restaurant and it is time for the community to band together to go and pick up some food.

The same can be said for many small businesses who have stayed open and who will really need some support when they will not be getting as much foot traffic.

There may also be a temptation to get to a big box store for something, but it is also important to shop at the local grocery store as much as you can and possibly try not to wipe out their entire inventory because of panic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been a stressful event across the world. One area where people can really help is to support the people who are there year-round with their small business. Sometimes a slow day or two of customers will happen but if it carries over an extended amount of time it could have devastating effects on the small business owner.

You can still practice social distancing when at these places. And soap works wonders too.

Small business owners are always there for us. It's time to be there for them.

Shop local!


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