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By Jack H. Smith
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Column: Pajamas


I have witnessed a lot of aggressive debate over the past several weeks about how the government has been handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Some feel they are doing the right thing by keeping people at a distance and slowing it down, while others feel their rights have been stepped upon. That is certainly a debate I will never get into because nobody wins, people just seem to get mad.

I also see non-stop bickering between political parties and that is also a can of worms I just cannot open. Instead, I will touch upon a much more lighthearted debate, but one that for some can still be very controversial. Today I would like to pick a side on the issue of whether pajamas/workout clothes are acceptable to wear while grocery shopping.

I think that some people might be wondering what on Earth I am talking about, but there is a very vocal group of people that are downright outraged when they see someone in the store in a pair of pajamas or sweatpants. I am not one of these people and in fact, I often find myself at the store in sweats and a pair of slippers and the looks I get from some people are almost like I was standing there naked. People are downright offended and I'm not quite sure why.

Growing up I cannot remember my mom ever going to the store in her pajamas and I think that's just the way it was. She was most likely raised that when you go someplace like the supermarket you need to be dressed and pajamas should be for the house.

While this may have been the way it was for a long time and still is for many, times have changed. More and more people are just showing up however they want to the store and I'm not sure why this is a problem.

I certainly get why someone should not show up with no clothes at all on, but I would venture to say my pajamas are showing a lot less skin than a lot of the summer shorts I see people wear.

I have a job where there are times I need to be dressed up. My first newspaper job I was required to wear a shirt and tie every day and while I didn't mind it, I like to be a bit more casual from time to time.

When I'm not at work I am always in pajamas or sweats. It's just a lot more comfortable that way. Occasionally when my bum knee hurts or I'm going to be sitting writing all day I will also wear some sweats to work. It's a different story if I'm going to a meeting, game, or I know it will be a busy day at the office, but that is not an everyday thing.

I have to admit I have probably seen more people in pajamas at the store since COVID-19 started. I think that some people that have been stuck at home a lot more than normal are discovering the true joy of pajamas all the time, even to the store.

Jack H. Smith

There are so many aspects of life that are a fashion show and in some cases it is understandable. I'm not sure why the store has to be one of them. I literally get crabbier with every passing moment of my life and having people stare at me in the store only makes this worse. Mind your business and worry about your own groceries. The only reason you should be staring is if I have a piece of toilet paper hanging out of my pants which has actually happened to me three or four times at the store.

If it is a weekend or a time, I'm not at work I will go to the store and I will be dressed comfortably. I'm sorry this offends some people, but I am not going to change. If stores start to have dress codes, I will do what is needed and if someone wants to pay for my groceries if I wear a three-piece suit I will also change my ways, but until then I'm going to ride this wave of pajamas.


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