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By Jack H. Smith
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Our View: Please slow it down


October 28, 2020

Please slow it down in bad road conditions.

Without trying to sound too much like Lord Eddard Stark on "Game of Thrones", winter is coming in southwest Montana and its pending arrival has already brought the return of nasty roads to the Treasure State.

Last weekend morning served as a preview of what is to come as many parts of Interstate 90 and local highways turned into in icy and snowy mess, especially over bridges. And it is still October. This is always the time of year that it is important to remember slow down and drive cautiously in bad conditions. It should seem like common sense, but some people never seem to get the idea.

Sarah Smart

Winter weather has arrived.

There are so many incidents that happen on the interstate and state highways that could be avoided if people simply slowed down. While it is common sense for a lot of drivers to slow down in bad conditions, for some reason a lot of people can't figure out how dangerous it can be not to. It not only puts them in danger, but it also puts those driving properly in danger.

Leaving early is also something people should really do all the time in winter. Most people on the roads have lived in southwest Montana for a while and should know this is very necessary. If you leave early, you most likely won't be late, and therefore not have to drive like a maniac.

And when it's really bad, just stay home unless you have to absolutely be somewhere. There is a lot of precious cargo out there --- little things can wait.

Please think of others this year and slow it down.


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