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Whitehall Alumni Keeps Cowboys Safe While Living His Dream

Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit can weigh anywhere between 1200 and 1800 pounds; Kaleb Barrett weighs about 170. Yet he looks them in the eye with the utmost confidence, ready to spar at any given minute. Barrett, a 2002 graduate of Whitehall High School, is a warrior, an all-around impressive individual who has called Whitehall his hometown for as long as he can remember, and this past weekend he put his best foot forward and took the bulls at the Montana PRC head on – as a professional bullfighter.

Barrett didn't always want to be in front of the bull; in the beginning he wanted to be on top of th...


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Mtsacry writes:

What a great article Liz. So proud to see some of our kids making a difference and doing well. Keep up the good work. Love the new look to the Ledger.