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Go Ask Jo: 2/24/2021


February 24, 2021

Dear Jo,

I love my friends – all of them. I really do – but I have an issue with one friend in particular. This weekend we took a girls trip and there were eight of us altogether. Hence, four girls in each of the hotel rooms. We had our fun, came home late and everyone wanted to crash and sleep for the night. However, my bunkmate decided to get on Tinder instead, WITH the sound on. Soooo, every time she swiped right – a little bell went off. Every time she swiped left – a wah wah sound. She did this until three AM. At 6AM, she received a phone call and took it, full volume on speaker, with the rest of us trying to sleep. Now, I don’t want to make my friend mad – but I’M MAD – and feel like something needs to be said. Thoughts?

Sleepless on a Girls Trip

Dear Sleepless,

Dealing with difficult situations concerning our friends is always hard. So, how do you let her know how you felt while still keeping her friendship? I find a little good humored revenge is a healthy alternative to anger. Set up time with her. A dinner, another overnight outing, whatever fits. Then, with the help of another friend, or boyfriend, give her a small dose of her own medicine. Answer your phone, your texts, ……ugh, this will not work! How? HOW can you compete with hot bods on Tinder? How can you keep her attention when there are six pack abs, biceps of beauty and chiseled chins? I believe you are going to have to do this the old fashioned way. Sit down and tell her how you feel. I hope this helps.

Signed, Jo

Dear Jo,

I have a friend who is cheap, cheap, cheap and I don’t mean in a fuzzy chick sort of way. She continually finds a way to get around paying for anything! If we have a dinner with several friends, she is the one who “conveniently” forgets her wallet, never chipping in for her portion of the meal and drinks. How do I let her know her behavior is affecting her friendships without insulting her?

Fresh out of ideas

Dear Fresh,

Hellooooooooooo? Did you ask how you can protect a rude friend’s feelings while everyone pays her way?! Don’t protect her feelings. Quit inviting her, leave her out of your gatherings, ditch her in a restaurant with the bill unpaid. She will soon get the message, or not. If she doesn’t, the rest of you will be richer. If she does, be honest and hold her to the expectation that she pays her way.

Signed, Jo


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