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By Elizabeth Pullman
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Editorial: Assumptions Are No Good For Anyone


April 14, 2021

My editorial this week is in response to the letter below, commenting on my previous editorial from two weeks ago “Holy Cow, Slow Down!” As the author of the letter to the Editor did not sign their note, I can only address it here, in public.

We all know what they say about assuming, and there are many assumptions in her letter. I also made my own assumptions in my previous editorial. She assumed I was talking about ALL semi drivers; I assumed readers would understand I was talking about vehicles speeding who need to slow down. If her husband isn’t one of the truck drivers speeding, I would hope there would be no offense taken, as my comments in my opinion editorial were not directed at him.

Second, my entire family comes from truck driving roots, either commercially or for the military - so please do not think I don’t realize the importance of what our truck drivers do.

Third, my office is 4 blocks in from where the speed limit changes from 35 to 25mph coming from the East, and 7 blocks in coming from the West. A good truck driver knows when they are coming into a populated area and obeys the speed limit. After speaking to law enforcement, a semi would have to be going at least 50mph past my office in order to vibrate items off my walls; THAT is illegal.

I assumed it was understood I was entering out at either end of the roads where the highway becomes the main road, going the speed limit, which is not stupid or wrong. I assumed it was obvious I was not recklessly pulling out into traffic endangering my own life and others. All vehicles know what the speed limit is - we should not be speeding up to get someone off our rear ends, nor waiting for a speeding vehicle to go by - all vehicles should go the posted limit. We have a kid-centralized skate park on a major highway, which is our main road. We have a school and a public library on our other main road, also a highway. Road rules must be followed.

There are only two blocks between the highway exit and the school entrance, and speeders race through there daily. My parents (who live on Whitehall Street), in order to keep my child and other children safe at the MANDATORY school crosswalk, would put crosswalk signage out that they purchased themselves, and personally walk the kids across the street. They did this from the time my child was in kindergarten to eighth grade, because no one respects the crosswalk unless it is enforced.

Long and short of it, please do not assume and I will do the same. I try to never generalize, and certainly do not wish to badmouth anyone - unless they are breaking the law and endangering others. Everyone needs to realize that speed limits pertain to everyone, no matter what your size or what you are carrying, and not just semis, not just motorcycles or cars - but EVERYONE.


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