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Dear Editor: Response to Trucker's Wife #1


April 21, 2021

Dear Editor,

To the truck driver’s wife (and damn proud of it) who submitted the anonymous letter to the editor last week; kudos to you: you should be VERY proud of your husband! And there are many truckers like him out there, feverishly driving their hearts out every day, making sure that we have the daily necessities (and some not so ‘necessities’). We thank them for their service and wish them nothing but the best!

On the other hand, though, there are those truck drivers that tend, for whatever reason, to stretch (even to the breaking point) the limits that, not just the laws of the land, but common sense dictate. When this happens, especially through small towns like ours, it endangers our little ‘angels’. Point being, truckers are not the problem, and though they may seem to have been singled out by our newspaper lady, they were in the ‘hot-seat’ for the simple reason that their trucks are, for the most part, the heaviest vehicles to speed through our little town, thus causing her pictures to fall off the wall.

As our newspaper lady explained, her complaint was not against truckers in general, but truckers who feel the need, again, for whatever reason, to keep their foot on the gas pedal a little long (and too heavy). This goes for those who travel in other sorts of vehicles as well, from motorcycles to vans, cars and pickup trucks, both big and small.

I hope, as I’m sure we all do, that anyone that reads this letter will not even think about speeding through our little town, not just because it’s against the law (there IS that), but because it could cause irreparable damage to all parties involved. With that said; enjoy the drive, but, please BE SAFE!!

Charles Haddon Shank

Whitehall, Montana


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