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By Elizabeth Pullman
Whitehall Ledger 

Editorial: Heading Back to "Normal"...


April 28, 2021

It’s really exciting to see so many events coming up in the next few weeks. Dare I say it? Could we be headed back to “normal”?

Honestly, I don’t think things will ever return to what they were pre-March 2020. But in many ways, I don’t think they should. We’ve become much more aware of one another, of illness, of feelings, or how our actions affect those around us, how our political viewpoints may differ from our neighbors.

Normal, before, seemed (to me) to mean looking out for #1, for yourself. Now that we’ve experienced a pandemic, and are still working our way through it, it seems that people are much more aware of others than ever before. I hate the word

“woke”, but I do think “aware” in this case is much more fitting.

We are aware that others may be uncomfortable with us wearing, or not wearing, a mask. We are more aware than ever that personal hygiene is of the utmost importance in not spreading illness (that whole “cleanliness is next to godliness” line our older family members fed us is for real!) We are also more aware than ever that everyone has their own opinions of how our country is run, and in many cases, I think this has caused a divide; however, in many cases, I think this has led to enlightening conversations from all viewpoints. We are aware of how our neighbors, and ourselves, feel about the vaccine.

I don’t know. I hate talking about politics, and that isn’t what this was meant to be about. I just hope our new “normal” is one of respect.

The upcoming events in Whitehall have all taken precautions and made improvements to make everyone as comfortable as possible in hopes everyone will attend.

May is filled with exciting events and I’m hopeful everyone will consider taking part in them. From the Mossy Rock Motorcycle Trials and BY’s Rodeo, to Beats & Eats the next weekend, to Black Tie & Blue Jeans Masquerade Ball on the 15th - events are making as comeback.

Please attend if you feel comfortable, or not if you don’t, but please treat everyone with RESPECT for their choices.


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