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By Jo 

Go Ask Jo: 10/6/2021


October 6, 2021

Dear Jo,

My daughter came to visit me a couple of weekends ago. I love when she visits! She is so much fun. Where is the problem, you ask? Well, my beautiful daughter was so excited to show me her new (and first) tattoo. I still cannot believe it, but she had pistols tattooed on her hips. No, I am not kidding. The barrels of the pistols are pointing, well, you can guess. What the hell was she thinking? What was I supposed to say?! I simply stood there dumbfounded. Now she is upset with me for my reaction. We have always been close, able to talk about anything. I feel lost as to what to say or do to repair the damage, but still be honest.


Shocked Into Silence

Dear Shocked,

Wow, that is a tough one. If she had told you ahead of time that she had a tattoo, you could have prepared somewhat. I think your reaction to a permanent mark (especially that one) on your daughter was understandable. That being said, it is done. My suggestion, be honest, a bit. For example, “Honey, that was a bit of a shocker. Thank you for sharing with me and supporting the right to “bear” arms.” Hopefully you can both get a laugh and patch things up.

Signed, Jo

Dear Jo,

How much perfume or cologne is too much? I love to wear perfume! It makes me feel glamorous and beautiful. I have had several people tell me that it is literally eye watering, however. I don’t feel that way, I think I smell amazing. I really think my friends are not inviting me places recently because of my perfume application. What do I do?

Signed, Smelling Fine

Dear Fine,

If people’s eyes are watering, you definitely need to scale back on your application! Too smelly is just too smelly. Unless you want to stay home alone, steeping in your own special smell, I would take a long shower and rely on your naturally clean scent for a bit.

Signed, Jo


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