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Ledger Looking Back 25 Years: October 17, 1996

OCTOBER 17, 1996

The first Whitehall schools open house in years was held Oct. 9 for an appreciative audience. Dubbed “America Back to School Night,” the event featured more than just a chance for parents to visit with teachers. It also showcased some of the talent housed and fostered at the school. The evening’s program opened with a speech by Pam Callbeck-Harper about Title IX. Callbeck-Harper discussed sexual harassment and the harmful effects of abusing power. Later in the evening, Rob Jackson, President of Internections of Helena, explained to visitors the new computer capabilities of the schools and carried out a demonstration. Jackson explained that the Whitehall schools have one of the best systems in the state of Montana, thanks to the careful work of the committee of community members which Reum headed. At 700 times faster than some college systems in the area, the Whitehall system allows students to have physical voice conversations with other students in Russia, China, South Africa and any place else, he said. Also included in the evening’s offerings were performances by other musical groups and the high school drama group.

“This is the first time in about 10 years that we’ve held an open house,” Barringer said. “We want the community to know that they’re welcome in the schools,” he added.

Whitehall Kiwanis members Dave Cole and Tom Harrington recently completed teaching the Hunter Education course to forty-eight enthusiastic students. This course is offered free of charge to young people ages eleven and older. Although Montana law required hunters to be at least twelve years old, eleven-year-olds can take the course to be eligible for special permit drawings. Students attending this year ranged in age from eleven to seventeen and most completed the course successfully.

Food, glorious food! So, what’s cooking? French cuisine. And who’s cooking? Ten guys and one gal at Whitehall High School. That’s right – it’s a high school cooking class with 90 percent male students. The creative youngsters are enrolled in Debra Sorensen’s Gourmet Cooking class and learning culinary skills while have a finger-licking good time. Sorensen said she did not have much time to get ready for the class this year, either. Presented as a proposal to the school board on a Wednesday night almost two weeks after school started, the gourmet class started the next morning, Sorensen said. Among the plans now are various food sales and a food festival of nations in March. The festival will be a cross-curricular experience , drawing on music, art, social studies, science, math and nearly every other department in the school, which should be fun for the entire community, Sorensen said.

Trojan Educator of the Week is Lee Ann Gallagher, who is the English, Annual and Creative Writing teacher. She was nominated by Mrs. Thronson because she is very hardworking and effective. She has assisted eight students in getting their writings published and one writer was featured on local television. She has been with the District three years and in the educational field for 13 years.

Trojan Athlete of the Week is junior Neal Layne. Neal was nominated by Coach Battaiola because he played an excellent defensive ball game against Columbus last weekend. He is the son of Darryl and Joanne Layne.

Trojan Student of the Week is junior Kari Hanson. She was nominated by Tom Jenkin for her efforts in U.S. History class. She is the daughter of Bryon Hanson and Sandi Salvagni.


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