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By Jo 

Go Ask Jo: 11/17/2021


November 17, 2021

Dear Jo,

I’ve got a question for you. I hope this isn’t beyond the pale or anything, but why is it becoming more and more acceptable for women, models especially, to let it all hang out so to speak, as long as that slippery little (she) devil, the nipple is covered? Not that I am complaining, but this kind of behavior seems to be growing in popularity! Since the gland in question is pretty much a glob of fat, shapely as it may be, and the nipple actually serves a purpose, could that be the answer to my query? Might it be that simple?


Questioning My Sanity

Dear Sanity,

Wow, you actually had me speechless for a few minutes. Today is really not all that different than years ago. Cher caused quite a stir when her barely covered intimate areas were dancing all across the stage. If the nipple was out, there would be nothing left to the imagination! Even though it gets to the point it seems silly to be wearing anything at all, we don’t live in a nudist society…yet! You’re sane, no worries!

Signed, Jo

Dear Jo,

Living in Montana, I have seen all my life that people take great pride in their animals. I live in a farm community, so dogs are a big part of peoples lives. I know my small dog, a chihuahua, is not considered a “useful” dog, but am shocked when people give me guff for choosing a small breed dog. It is a little insulting to be teased, honestly. My chihuahua is a help to me for company and for letting me know someone is outside my house. Most of all, I just enjoy her. Any Suggestions?


Small Dog Fan

Dear Fan,

My mom always said “dynamite comes in small packages.” Most small dogs I have met have big personalities, often more watch dog than larger breeds. Not to mention, small dog, small clean up! As to what to say to those rude, obnoxious naysayers, tell them to kiss your adorable chihuahua’s little furry a$$!

Signed, Jo


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