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Editorial: What You Will, and Will Not, See in the Ledger

I had an experience on Monday while covering the horrific bus vs van accident. The incident is something I cannot ignore and is what spurred this editorial.

In February 2009, Dallice Smith was killed in a car accident on Highway 69. She was a friend, a former teammate on softball leagues, and someone the majority of our community knew by sight.

At the time of her death, I worked at the Ledger. When news of her accident broke, the former owner and Editor of the Ledger chose to run photos of the scene. I disagreed with his decision, but I was not the owner and it was not my decision to make....


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kfrankman writes:

Thank you Liz for this. I so appreciate it. Although I have only been here a short while, I have already been very blessed by you, the Ledger and this sweet community I now also call family. Thank you for running the Ledger this way. It matters!

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