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Santa Interviews: Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten


Q: What's your favorite Christmas cookie?

A: Ummmm...the Christmas tree ones (makes a Christmas tree shape with his hands)

Q: How much does Santa weigh?

A: 100 pounds.

Q: Is that a lot or a little?

A: A lot! (laughs)

Q: How does Santa bring presents to your house?

A: He uses his sleigh!

Q: Does his sleigh have a fast engine?

A: No (rolls eyes) it has reindeer!

Q: Do you know their names?

A: Comet and Prancer....that's it (with certainty)

Q: How big is an elf?

A: Ummmmm...small?

Q: What do they do for Santa?

A: They make toys. I saw an elf. It had a red head and a red pointy...


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