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Whitehall Woman Arrested For North Dakota Felony Theft

Whitehall resident Carol Feist, 56, is currently in custody at the Jefferson County jail in Boulder, accused of committing wire fraud against her in-laws.

Police say in October of 2021, Carol Feist claimed to be her Bismarck-based in-laws to transfer $134,000 to a Montana title company. She financed the remainder of the $474,000 purchase price and produced notarized documents stating her father-in-law was the co-borrower. Law enforcement said she forged her father-in-law's signature as a co-signer. Investigation also showed the person listed as the notary was not licensed with the Secretary of State's Office.

The 86 and 87-year-old Bismark couple told officers they did not approve the transfer or know Feist was purchasing a home. Feist and her husband, Keith Feist, the couple's son, lived with them for a time in 2017.

Feist is charged with felony theft and unauthorized use of personal identifying information to obtain credit, court documents show. Each count carries a possible 20-year prison sentence. Court records currently do not list an attorney for her.

She waived an extradition hearing, which would allow law enforcement to bring her to North Dakota on these charges.

Feist's legal history in Montana is lengthy, with the most recent case found in July 2018, in The Madisonian. Feist made an initial appearance for a second petition for revocation of a suspended prior sentence.

Feist, found guilty in 2015 of deceptive practices for stealing, using a credit card not her own, one count of attempted theft of labor or services and issuing bad checks, received a 10-year sentence, which was suspended 60 days. She was later arrested for probation violation, which resulted in a petition to revoke her suspended sentence.

In 2016, Feist was charged with tampering with evidence, presenting a fraudulent letter of recommendation to the court and perjury for lying under oath during a criminal proceeding. She was found guilty of evidence tampering and received a suspended five-year jail sentence, but probation violations led to an additional petition to revoke that suspension.


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