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Tell Me How I'm Doing

It’s been a year since I took over the Ledger! What a wild ride! While I know where I’d like to improve in the next year, I would really appreciate hearing what readers think should and should not be in the paper, where coverage is lacking, what new features you like and what you don’t, etc.

Please use the survey link and provide your honest answers. I hope to hone in on what I can be doing better. There is so much room for improvement and growth that just weren’t possible in the first year.

In the next year I hope to realize a few of my wish list items, which include:

• More photo coverage. At events like Frontier Days and the Christmas Stroll, I cannot be everywhere I want to be. I am looking for volunteers to help snap great photos and coordinate with me to do cover all items of interest.

I have been so thankful to Jennifer Hoerauf and Kari Montgomery for allowing me to use their photos for games and events I couldn’t cover.

• Sports coverage. Honestly, I don’t know sports. But I try! I am looking for regular attendees of Whitehall Trojan sporting events to help write brief recaps of games, including the highlights and major plays.

• More human-interest columns written by locals.

Please visit the survey link and give me your honest opinion of the paper - good or bad, I need to hear it. All submissions are anonymous. If you would rather be provided a paper copy, they are available at the Ledger office. Thank you!


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