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Freed Life Counseling Now Available in Whitehall


January 19, 2022

LIA FRANCISCO, LCSW Freed Life Counseling

While 2020 and 2021 are behind us, the neverending tunnel of uncertainty for our future remains. Now, a light at the end of that tunnel opens with the creation of Freed Life Counseling, now available in Whitehall.

Lia Francisco, who moved to the Whitehall area from Utica, NY with her family in September of 2020, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with almost 20 years of experience. With a background in domestic abuse, sexual violence, and addiction, Francisco and Freed Life Counseling provide client-centered, individual, and family counseling via teletherapy.

"I take an active approach to counseling; I want to teach and educate to give the skills to be empowered," Francisco said, adding that by working through a thought process, the mind and body become more aware of thoughts and behaviors, which leads to a physically relaxed persona and helps eliminate triggers. Francisco utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, and narrative therapy to promote this growth and healing.

Francisco earned her Licensed Masters of Social Work (LMSW) through the University of Albany and her LCSW through hands-on clinical work. She is licensed in both New York and Montana and also is a clinical field supervisor for interning social workers in Walla Walla, WA. She has counseled at-risk youth, families experiencing trauma, and families involved in foster care/preventive/protective services. She understands her clients and helps them understand themselves.

"My goal is to create real change within the client. That should be the end goal always - the client is the expert on themselves and how to facilitate the changes needed; I'm here to help them," Francisco said.

Right now, Freed Life Counseling does not accept insurance and is via teletherapy only, but both may eventually change. With a young family (three children under the age of five) Francisco and her husband Tim know they have their hands full but are actively working to make the community their children will grow up in healthier in mind and happier in the home. Both also work in real estate, investing, flipping, and assisting others in finding their dream home.

"I've always been interested in this field and, after moving here, saw a need for it," Francisco said. After working in real estate in Butte, the need became even clearer. "Housing is really tied into other issues. Being able to tie my real estate knowledge and social work together is great. I've really missed helping people."

I believe that everyone can live a focused, rational, enlightened, empowered, and determined (FREED) life! I want to help you on your journey of healing and becoming FREED.


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