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By Jo 

Dear Jo: 2/9/2022


February 9, 2022

Dear Jo,

I used to be one of those people who kept their house so clean. Like, really REALLY clean. Everything in its place, floors swept daily, etc.

Now, I can put up with a mess until I realize someone else is going to see it. Then, it’s like a light goes on in my head, I realize how bad it looks, and I wonder what the HECK I have been doing!

What is going on?! How can I motivate myself to get back to my old self? I WANT to do better. I love when my house is all clean, but I feel unmotivated. UGH!

Signed, Dusty

Dear Dusty,

Girl, the only thing that can inspire you to get up and get ‘er done is you! Dig deep! You got this! Either that or find bigger closets to shove things into!

Signed, Jo

Dear Jo,

I grew up here. I have always loved this little community. When I was young, there were several more bars, a department store, a dress get the point. I can see that our community is growing again. People are moving here from the Bozeman area, lots of places. How can I help our community to grow and prosper? I want us to remain the friendly small-town feel, but I know you cannot stop the growth.


Growing Pains

Dear Growing,

Well, you are right that growth is going to happen whether people welcome it or not. The only advice I can give is to be yourself. The people here are a special bunch. They are welcoming, yet guard their way of life zealously. It is a good time to be a business owner and grow with the community. If you are a farmer or rancher, you are too busy to worry too much about what others are doing. We should, in my opinion, remain true to who we are, be welcoming and kind to those coming in, and tap into new resources to grow our community in a healthy way. Hope this helps.

Signed, Jo


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