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The Fate of Al Shamial

Somewhere in Afghanistan...

“Welcome to my humble cave, Khalil.”

“Humble? It’s a lovely hole in the ground Rashad. And I love what you’ve done with the throw pillows.”

“Thank you, Khalil! But sit my friend. Let us dine. Some tea perhaps?”

“Oh, thank you, Rashad, that would be splendid indeed.”

“Khalil. Before we plan the bombing of another plane, I have some bad news.”

“Bad news? I don’t believe it! Surely you are joking Rashad.”

“No. I’m afraid it’s true. I have failed you Khalil; I am very ashamed.”

“Well? What is this about Rashad?”

“Trusting me with the care of your prized camel was a grea...


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