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Go Ask Jo: 4/13/2022

Dear Jo,

I am dating a beautiful woman. She is the whole package: beautiful, intelligent, fun. We share so many interests and every time we are together, it is better than the last time.

Why am I writing? Well, the other day was a warm and sunny one. We went out for lunch and a walk. She wore sandals...her feet were so bad. She has scaly, yellow toenails. Her feet look like I could carve a pound of dead skin off each one. Her toenails look like weapons!

That is all bad enough, but it gets worse. She had thick, grayscales between her toes! What the bloody hell?! How can such a woman not take care of her feet at all?! How can I continue building a relationship that leads to laying next to them, close, touching even? Yuck! Help!


Grossed out

Dear Gross,

That sounds like a nightmare! Take your girl out for a spa day, which includes a pedicure. If that is a no-go, you must decide to either embrace her dragon feet or move on. Good luck!

Signed, Jo

Dear Jo,

I met someone who lives locally but spent the majority of her life in another state. I was very cordial and spoke with her about what brought her to Montana, how long she has been here, and so on.

Well, as we were speaking she said, very emphatically, she loved the state of Montana; however, she hates the people here. What?! Why?!

Her response was Montanans are typically narrow-minded, ignorant, and did not know how to run the state. She went on to say we kill the very animals that were here before us, along with several other complaints. I was unsure what to say and did not dare to say what I was actually thinking! Is there a response that would have been appropriate?


A Montanan

Dear Montanan,

There are some people it is better to leave to their own “thoughts and beliefs.” Some people are better left alone, on an island, with no food or water, naked and afraid. Sorry, I mean each person gets to have their own opinions.

Signed, Jo

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