Thought Provokers: 6/22/2022


Generation X and Millennials will probably be the first generations in recent history to tell their kids about how much easier life was when they were kids.

If you walk on the treadmill for an hour, it is considered normal. But if you walk around your dining room table for an hour, it is considered weird or mentally unwell.

If you get paid minimum wage, your employer is probably willing to pay you even less if they could.

Your bones will probably never make contact with another person’s bones.

Being a construction worker in a world where superheroes and villains exist must be annoying.

We can sleep peacefully after watching a documentary about a serial killer yet have nightmares from a fictional horror movie.

Being too stupid to use birth control is an evolutionary advantage.

Sometimes when you sleep, your brain lets you watch a movie that you have no control over.

You can tell a lot about a person by what stations are saved in their car.

Humans cause millions of deaths per year.

Taking the groceries inside in one trip shows we prefer weightlifting over cardio.

Books and movies that take place in the future cannot be confirmed as fiction until their respective dates pass.

Books and movies that take place in the future cannot be confirmed as fiction until their respective dates pass.

People who tell people if their fly is open or they have a booger on their face are heroes.

Artificial things are technically real things because of the fact they exist and existing things are real.

By the amount of lint after drying clothes, eventually, there will be no clothes left.

Polar bears probably don’t know why their ice is suddenly just melting.

The amount of unsuspecting insects on the ground that are peed on is probably astounding.

Science is hilarious if you speak Latin.

The cleanest toilets are the ones with broken door locks.

When playing rock/paper/scissors with a dinosaur, always throw rock.

Garbage bags are bought only to be thrown away.

If we could travel far away enough in the galaxy, we’d be able to see into the past on earth.

Muffins are bald cupcakes.

Technically everyone speaks with an accent.

Mothballs work on people, too.

Pair of socks = 2 socks. Pair of shorts = 1.


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