Serving Southern Jefferson County in the Great State of Montana

Jefferson County Sheriff's Report: Week of 9/11/2022


08:00:47 911 Hang Up: Paul Gulch Rd

09:52:53 Fish/Game Violations: Cottonwood Rd

11:16:09 Harassment: Edwards Addition Rd

14:14:09 Medical: Edwards Additions Rd

17:50:35 Traffic Stop: N Whitehall St

18:11:16 Traffic Stop: I-90

18:26:26 Traffic Offense: I-90

19:14:04 Suicide Threats: Hwy 2 W

20:20:11 Motorist Assist: Whitehall St/Commercial Way

20:45:46 Traffic Stop: Pipestone Rd

20:56:41 Suicide Threats: Homestake Lake Rd

21:30:26 Forest Service Patrol: Homestake Lake Rd

22:01:00 Traffic Stop: I-90

22:02:07 Suspicious Vehicle: Hwy 2 E

22:50:50 Suspicious: Hwy 2 E



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