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How I Choose the Articles I Print


October 5, 2022

As the owner of the Whitehall Ledger, each week I have to make decisions on what is published. As a member of the media, I strive to be non-biased in my reporting and to never show my own personal opinions unless in my editorial.

Several times I’ve been questioned about why I chose to print an opinion piece that was divisive or leaned one way or another. I’ve been called a “raging liberal” as well as a “right-wing conservative.” One extreme to the other, it seems.

Why do I choose to print articles such as that on page 11? Do I agree with it? Doesn’t matter if I do or not. Do I support LR-131? Doesn’t matter if I do or not.

I will tell you, the article on page 11 is heartbreaking and disturbing, but powerfully written and beautiful. I had no knowledge of LR-131 before this article crossed my made me think of something I had never considered before.

My job as a journalist and owner of a local newspaper is to make the reader think about another viewpoint other than their own. To make the reader feel something they might not have felt before.

Am I a Republican? Doesn’t matter. Am I Democrat? Doesn’t matter. My political viewpoints should never be a part of this paper (unless in an editorial).

Do I want to inform you? Yes. Do I want to educate you? Yes. Do I want you to think in new ways? Yes.

THIS is why I choose the articles I print. No other reason. Period.


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