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Robert John Powell, 81

Robert John Powell of Cardwell, Montana met His Savior Jesus Christ, on September 27, 2022.

Bob was born February 11, 1941, in Whitehall, Montana, to Donald and Alys (Hay) Powell. He had an older brother, Richard, who passed February 26, 2020. Bob is survived by his sister Coral Lowry and brother William Powell.

Bob married Glenda Hinson from Phoenix, Arizona and they ranched in Cardwell. Bob came to know Jesus Christ as his personal savior through the ministry of Cardwell Community Church. In 1967 a missionary from New Tribes Mission came to speak in the church and Bob and Glenda realized there are people in remote places of the world who have never had the opportunity to hear that they are hopelessly lost sinners on their way to hell. They need to know that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for their sin and that by trusting in Jesus's sacrifice to be the full and sufficient payment for their sin they can be sure of spending eternity with Christ in heaven.

Bob and Glenda and their two daughters, Laurie and Linda, left Cardwell and went into mission training in Missouri in a snowstorm in the early Spring of 1968. Their third daughter, Jennifer, was born in Missouri. Bob and Glenda moved to Paraguay, South America in 1970, and their son, Joel, was born there. Bob and Glenda served in Paraguay until they returned to Montana in 1990.

Bob and Glenda have 10 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. The grandkids remember how well he cleaned his plate at each meal. He loved to talk about what each one was interested in.

Bob loved ranching and rodeo and his family but most of all he loved Jesus Christ. Many times in his life he wove scripture into the conversation. He reminded us that "It is appointed unto man once to die but after that, the judgment, Hebrews 9:27." "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23." "The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, Romans 6:23." and "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but will have everlasting life, John 3:16." If you haven't trusted Christ's sacrifice to be the only and sufficient payment for your sin, Bob's greatest desire would be for you to do that.

Our family wishes to thank the St Vincent's Cancer Center, Dr. Colin Fitterer, and Stillwater Hospice of Billings for their care and assistance during this time.

A memorial service will be held in Spring when the family can be present.


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