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Thought Provokers: 11/23/2022

Nuclear reactors are glorified steam engines.

People only defend the hyper-wealthy because they hope to be in the same boat one day

A grilled cheese cut in two triangles hits differently than one cut in two rectangles.

When you travel, people seem friendlier because you are more open to conversation with strangers.

The more you think about life and our society the easier it is to become depressed.

The one good thing about Nintendo being 1-2 decades behind the rest of the gaming industry is that they haven’t yet filled their games with battle passes and microtransactions.

Our Sun is a star in a constellation we will never see.

You only need 14 calendars to live through your entire life, the rest is marketing.

For most of human history, everyone constantly smelled like a campfire.

Something has gone horribly wrong if you ever can look at your butthole directly.

Nothing lasts longer than a video someone shows you that you have no interest in.

To get something clean, something else has to get dirty.

The only difference between bravery and stupidity is the outcome.

Electricians have all the power.

Livery stables were just Old West parking garages.

The ocean is a cold seafood pho.

You’ve probably been forced to be a rude person in order to participate in a conversation dominated by a rude person.

People-watching is only okay if you don’t know the people.

Eminem looks like a young Dr. Evil.

Every Christmas, people named Joy and Noel get personalized items at no additional cost.

Dinosaur chicken nuggets are technically made with real dinosaurs.

Cats basically have built-in life insurance.

There is probably a movie or series on your watchlist that you’ll never ever watch before you die.

Soup can be too soupy, which makes it the only food that can be too much like itself.


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