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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Class Christmas Interviews


Ledger: How do the elves get the toys to you?

Max: With Santa! They build them!

L: Do they build all the toys in his garage or where do they build them?

M: Inside where Santa Claus lives!

L: Where does Santa live?

M: The Earth.

L: Can you tell me what Santa Claus looks like?

M: hmmmmm....

L: Can you tell me, is he chubby or skinny?

M: He's skinny! Really skinny!

L: Do you know how much he weighs?


L: What would you like for Christmas this year?

M: A SpiderMan!

L:Do you want a real SpiderMan wrapped up under your tree or is there a SpiderMan toy?

M: A real SpiderMan!

L: Ok coo...


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