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Mrs. Kidwell's Kindergarten Class Christmas Interviews


December 7, 2022

MRS KIDWELL'S KINDERGARTEN: (Above, back row): Josef Coleman, Brantley Robins, Julian Ashton, Aurora Sizemore, Saphira Babcock; front row: Owen Trotter, Elias Francisco, Rockford NewBreast, Aloewaesha Brian, Mateo Bowen. (Below): Gracie Burton and Caleb Cruea. LEDGER PHOTOS


Ledger: What do you do when you decorate the Christmas tree?

Brantley: I put up the star!

L: Does the star go at the very top of the tree?

B: Yep!

L: That's pretty neat! What do you put under the Christmas tree?

B: A bucket!

L: Is the bucket for water for the tree?

B: (nods head)

L: Do you put Christmas presents under the tree too?

B: Yeah, Santa does!

L: What does Santa look like?

B: He has a hat with a big ball and the moon hangs on it!

L: How does he get in your house?

B: (rolls his eyes) The chimney!

L: How does he get there? Does he drive in a car?

B: (rolls his eyes again) No...

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